HI FRIENDS! It’s been a minute since I’ve shared a recipe. I had a lot of you ask about this meal in particular when I shared the making of it in my IG stories. I decided to write a post so you could enjoy it in YOUR home since it is so very healthy and quite easy to whip up. Let’s get you on board so you can have your own Vegan Tempeh Buddha Bowl ASAP!


We all want to preserve the Earth’s beauty. Many of us go through life wishing we could do more for the environment without realizing how easy that can be. Some of the things we do every day are causing so much harm to the Earth’s oceans, marine life, as well as life on land. By making a handful of small changes, we can DRASTICALLY change the impact we have on the planet. We’ve all learned habits out of convenience and ignorance, but once we begin to see beyond the narrow confines of our individualistic concerns, we can learn to live more consciously for the greater good of all. Today I want share with you five simple ways to live more eco friendly. I want you to keep in mind that it is very easy to want to go out and purchase new, eco-friendly versions of things we already have. The truth is, if we HAVE items to use at the moment, the most ethical and eco friendly thing to do is use those until it is time to replace them, and THEN invest in a more sustainable choice. That may not seem as exciting at first but trust me, an old piece of tupperware you’ve had since high school may turn in to your new favorite thing if you give it a chance. Ok now let’s get to the list!


In light of Fashion Revolution Week I decided to put together a lookbook inspired by  only ethically sourced items. In case you weren’t aware, the fashion industry can be extremely cruel. From slave and child labor to animal skins and body parts, humans are basically willing to kill for fashion, even if it’s done indirectly. Obviously the most eco friendly way to dress would be to wear our birthday suits day in and day out, but we all know that wouldn’t be ethical . . . that was a joke, but seriously. The second most sustainable way to dress is to up-cycle or thrift all of our items. While that can be fun and practical most of the time, if you really need a specific item for an upcoming occasion, searching through second hand shops can be stressful. The truth is, sometimes we do need to shop and even when we don’t, dressing creatively can be a form of expression and shouldn’t be shunned. Before I get to the lookbook, let me share with you a few tips on shopping more consciously.


Growing up we hear things like “wakey wakey, eggs and bac-y.” We are taught that bread with sugar (pancakes, waffles, or French toast with syrup) is a decent option to start our day. The truth is, breakfast really IS an important meal. It’s the meal that hopefully fuels our bodies for the day. At first, when you’re trying to eat plant based, breakfast can be the most difficult meal to find alternatives for because there are hardly any plant based options for breakfast at restaurants. When we think of breakfast we literally picture eggs and bacon with a side of french toast. Luckily, in reality, there are PLENTY of delicious, MUCH healthier options; It’s simply a matter of discovery. Here is a recipe for the tastiest, most nutritious breakfast I’ve ever had! I call this one Vegan – GF Breakfast Power Bowl


Let’s face it. It’s cool to know what time it is. It’s also cool to not be glued to our phones. We’re all striving to be present, but most of us rely on technological devices to tell us what minute of the day we are in. Wearing a wrist watch can relieve us of cell phone googling, putting our phones away only to take them out again, and can be the cherry on top of a perfect outfit. The brand I’m highlighting in this post comes from a long line of cute, and classic. WARNING: You may fall in love.


This Summer, I am committed to sharing with you handfuls of my favorite conscious brands! What better way to begin than with swimwear? With slow fashion finally making its debut, I’d like to expose one of the most original, creative artists in the biz. As someone I have known nearly my entire life, and someone I’ve always felt inspired by, it is no surprise to me that my friend Sabrina has launched her very own swimwear company. Excluding the bias of the artist behind the brand being someone I love, there are 2 important reasons you should know that she and her brand exist.

Number 1: Her line is a part of the slow fashion industry and is an excellent choice for ethical, conscious style.

Number 2: Knowing her has brought an extra whimsical spin to my life and now, through her creations, you can experience the dreaminess this gal brings into the world with everything she touches.

Without further ado, let me introduce the most unique, literally one-of-a-kind (as her pieces are made to order), swimwear lines around, Sabrina West Swimwear.



When I first went vegan, it was all about the food. I simply refused to eat animal products. I felt like I had found my truth. It was amazing! I was on top of the world. Then, I realized that VEGAN meant an entire way of life. I began to notice that animal products were in eeeeverything . . . my toiletries, my beauty products, my clothes and accessories. I realized that my closet was full of non vegan friendly items and the more I looked at my bags and boots, the more I saw skin rather than high quality fabrics. This was so disturbing to me that I ended up gathering those items and getting rid of them. While I felt relieved by cleansing my closet of animal products, I was a bit saddened by the thought that I would have to settle for cheaper fabrics from that point on, or so I thought . . . 


If you’re living a healthy lifestyle, most mornings are pretty breezy, but we all know that’s not the case 100% of the time. Whether you were working late, binge studying, or out having way more fun than you planned, some mornings you just feel like a manatee. Today’s recipe is a fun way to make thooose mornings, or any ordinary morning, magical again! Transforming you from feeling like a giant tub of lard, to the beautiful, long-haired, glittering aquatic goddess you truly are, let’s hear it for Mermaid Toast!