At this time of year, when it’s chilly outside and the wind. . .exists (I live in Florida) . . . it’s easy to put your creative side in a box along with all your colorful summer clothing and settle for jeans day by day. I’ve been guilty of hiding my prickly legs and un-pedicured toes with the SAME jeans for a week straight during cold months. This year, I’m committed to keepin it cool with the weather.

This post is part 1 of a series on ditching your dull britches to sport some fancy pants this Winter! I composed 4 outfits with the same seafoam green trousers by JCrew which are 55% linen and 45% cotton.

Pictured below are these dreamy pantaloons paired with a cream, off the shoulder top along with some iridescent slip-on sandals and my under the sea diorama bag!



For this next outfit, I tucked in a very warm, 100% acrylic sweater, added a skinny brown belt and some rich brown men’s wingtips. This sweater, which was gifted to me by my rock climbing gal pal, Hannah, is one of my favorites because of its beautiful colors and native american pattern. Thanks again, Hannah Banana!




For the last 2 outfits, I used the same top which is an old worn in t-shirt I purchased off of Ebay about 6 years ago.  You could say I was actually ADDICTED to bidding for old crappy vintage t-shirts at one point in my life. Staying up till 2 am to out bid some guy from philly for a holey Harley Davidson tee. . . yeah, I may have done that a time or twenty. But I now own one of the snazziest collections of old t-shirts on the planet. Anywho, this particular t-shirt is from The Viper Room, a gritty rock band night club on sunset strip which was part owned by Johnny Depp in the past!

I decided to create a laid back – day time version of this lovely pair as well as a more dressed up version for paintin’ the town red. Right this way. . .

Dressed down accessories: My favorite pair of converse from high school which I laced with hot pink satin ribbon and my party glitter kitty ears headband from the kid section at JCrew 😉

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Then, to dress it up, I switched out the sneakers for some vegan suede heels, tucked in the top to strap on some suspenders, and grabbed my go-to black clutch. The clutch is from the thirty’s. I purchased it from a vintage shop called Retro Rosie’s that I promised myself I would no longer visit unsupervised on account of their one-of-a-kind everything is too much for me to handle. Lastly, I added a bright red shade of  100% vegan, Red Apple Lipstick for the cherry on top.

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I had a lot of fun putting these pieces together and I hope you enjoyed this spread! If so, stay tuned for parts 2 and 3! 🙂

With love and compassion,



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