A HOLIDAY WISH LIST (Vegan and Non-Vegan Friendly)

Recently, the idea that less is more really struck me. After going vegan, I’ve become increasingly interested in the minimalist lifestyle in general. When I look around my home I see plenty of things that I do not need or use. This year, for Christmas and the other gift giving holidays, I decided to put together a vegan, but also NON-vegan friendly, gift idea list!  Each item on the list is ethically made and some even donate a portion of their profits to very helpful organizations around the world. I made sure to choose items that were made with utmost superrrrbness (quality materials) with the idea of quality vs. quantity in mind:)

Let’s check out the first item!


The circular cossbody, vegan-leather bag above was designed and created by Matt & Nat. This delightful number is simple and practically sized which ensures you plenty of use. This bag in particular, was created and named to give hope to charities! When a hope bag is purchased, 100% of the purchase price (not including tax or shipping) goes to a charity that you choose from a list they provide. Here are a few examples of the ones they are currently supporting:

  • Fauna Foundation provides refuge for chimpanzees
  • Magic Bus helps break the cycle of poverty in small towns in India
  • Wild Tomorrow Fund helps protect elephants and rhinos from poaching
  •  Sunrise Sanctuary provides shelter for over 170 formerly abused and/or neglected farm animals.

To me, the bag’s circular shape resembles life in full circle and paying it forward. Because Matt & Nat is such an outstanding brand, I wanted to list a few facts about them as well . . .

  • MATT & NAT stands for MAT(T)ERIAL + NATURE.
  • M&N is a vegan brand therefore there are no animal products used in production.
  • The linings inside all MATT & NAT bags are made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles.
  • In addition to being vegan, sustainable materials are constantly sourced in design  such as cork and rubber.

If you’d like to check out the HOPE bag, here’s the link !



Next up we have Speechlust jewelry! 13398642_300936783582536_1162305620_n

From the words of Aristotle, to unique experiences on foreign land, Courtney (the brains behind the project) harvested her knowledge and created Speechlust! A one-of-a-kind jewelry brand that specializes in sentiment. Each piece is engraved with a word you’ve most likely never used, but could be perfect to describe a belief, feeling, or state of mind that you carry with you or tie to a memory. A piece from Speechlust would make a very sweet gift for a guy or girl who’s style is simple and who appreciates the power of words:)

Here’s the link to the Speechlust online shop:



OK, who doesn’t love lounge pants….and ELEPHANTS?!


The Elephant Pants is a project that was started by two dudes who just REALLY want to keep elephants on the planet! Can you blame them?! From 2010 – 2012 alone, over 100,000 elephants in Africa and Asia were poached for ivory. That’s 1 elephant lost every 15 minutes. That kind of loss could easily lead us to a world without elephants by 2025. The Elephant Pants has many different styles of pants and even tops and other accessories to choose from. The lounge pants pictured above however, are an easy pick for an awesome present at this time of year! They’re long, breathable, and stretchy at the waist and the patterns are incredible. Definitely a safe choice for a guy or girl. Each time a purchase is made, 10% helps save elephants. Since The Elephant Pants project began, over $127,404 has been donated to charitable organizations to help save the lives of elephants! Here is the link to the online shop:




It’s about time!!!


OK, I have searched for the perfect simple watch with an over sized face and vegan leather straps since I WENT vegan and I finally found it. I’ve always been a fan of Olivia Burton watches but I hadn’t realized that she has an entire collection of vegan friendly styles! A good watch is like a secret weapon. It can complete an outfit like the cherry on top of a delicious vegan sundae. Here is the link to the vegan friendly collection by Olivia Burton:



Last, we’ve got the vegan information motherboard!!! . . . in the form of a magaziiiine . . .


A VegNEWS magazine subscription would make a wonderful present for anyone who is vegan, vegetarian, or just INTERESTED in eating and living healthier. Going vegan is the BEST way that I have found to positively impact ALL of the causes I strive to support; Equality, Conserving the Environment, Loving Compassionately, the list could go on. . . It is by far the BEST way to shrink your carbon footprint. Reading up on the lifestyle and staying up to date with research studies and new ideas is really fun and extremely enlightening. There are many books out there and other magazines that advocate the plant-based lifestyle but this one is a hit for me at the moment:) VegNEWS makes it easy to learn a lot about what is going on in the oh-so-positive vegan world through entertaining stories and vastly informational articles. Here’s the link to the subscription page:



I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did creating it! The more research I do, the more amazing brands I come across who CARE and strive to do their part in spreading knowledge through their business. It was difficult to keep this list short but the items I chose really encompass that one-of-a-kind feel and are sure to last a life time (including what one could learn by reading VegNEWS!) HAPPY HOLIDAYS PARTY PEOPLLLEEEE!!! 

As always,

With love and compassion,














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