Last, but NOT my least favorite of the fancy pants I’m sporting this Winter, are my 1970’s wide-leg, pleated, floral pantalones! I’ve AAAAAALWAYS loved baggy pants. Since I was a little Aaliya inspired tomboy, I can remember feeling my…. dopest…. in JNCO jeans or big baggy sweat pants (thank you shout out to my sister Ami for supplying those sick threads!). Ladies of the hip-hop community, can I get an Amen?  Alright, so, these pants aren’t very tomboy-esque, but they ARE incredibly wide legged and I can’t picture anything more comfortable, except for maybe my birthday suit. . .

These nearly neon parachute pants stay secured with an elastic waist line and matching tie belt. For this first outfit I pictured more of a day time look for weather that is tolerable. I paired these floral babies with a plain cream tank top, vegan leather sandals, and an emerald green scarf that I’ve been living in lately. Exhibit A . . .




For the second outfit, I pictured more of an evening look. Because I paired the pants with vegan suede booties and a 3/4 sleeve top, it’s a little more cruel weather appropriate. Remember, I reside in Florida, so when I say, “Winter” or “cool weather” I mean anything 75 degrees or below.  Side Note: These shots were taken at my favorite nature preserve at sunset, so if nothing else, I hope you enjoy the scenery!  Here they are . . .




So there you have it! The final post of my Fancy Pants series! I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 There are plenty more to come as my visions are constantly streaming. Until next time, Ta Ta!

And as always,


With love and compassion,


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