Meet, my beloved new Eba tote. She’s amazing. Aside from her undeniable functionality and perfectly simple style, the ethics behind her creation make her a perfect match for someone that is vegan and/or eco-concious. Complete with two large compartments, a big interior pocket, and a center zipper pocket for smaller, more valuable items, she’s the ultimate vegan handbag for any multifaceted gal (or guy) on-the-go!


The Design

While the two pockets are located within one side of the bag (the side meant for your more personal things), the other side is left plain for everything else, with the exception of a nifty little water bottle band.


You can see here that it is sewn securely to one side, giving you plenty of room for your laptop, baby items, school books, etc.. I’ve been using it for a change of clothes, either for fitness wear or going out after work.

The vegan leather that makes up the exterior of the bag is Unbelievably soft, as in, when it arrived, I couldn’t believe my fingers…so I rubbed it on my face. It’s THAT soft. It is also moisture, mildew, and stain resistant. On the inside, you’ll find a beautiful green lining that is made from recycled materials!  The lining is WATERPROOF and stain resistant, making the Eba Tote a candidate for the world’s largest lunch box 😉


My girl friend, Chrissy, and I, recently took a weekend road trip down to Key West and you better believe I used my Eba Tote to pack all my belongings! You can see below, all the things I decided to bring with me, besides what I was wearing. . .

img_0200It all fit neatly inside without bulging or becoming unorganized . . .


just a few more things . . .


aaaaand eureka!


My favorite thing about this bag has got to be that, for how much it can hold (due to its design for ultimate capacity), it doesn’t look crazy to carry around on your shoulder. In fact, it looks and feels very sleek. It’s like, I could literally pack my entire world into this bag and walk around casually without anyone noticing. I like that, a lot.

How They Came To Be . . .

Behind every potential Eba Tote, are 3 extremely thoughtful women dedicated to its ethical production. Their names are Emmaly, Barbara, and Ashley and their initials are what inspired the name. It was Emmaly’s dream to create a high quality bag, using eco-friendly materials to support the lifestyles of today’s thoughtful busybodies.  I think it’s safe to say, she’s achieved her goal. The women behind these bags have also promised to only become greener by staying up to date with eco-friendly production and packaging options.

Get Your Own!

Choose from a variety of colors on their site. Also, subscribe to Eba Tote’s newsletter here for $40.00 off your first purchase! Upon your Eba Tote’s arrival, you can expect a hand written Thank you note. A mixture of the fact that I love both, hand written letters, and ferns, is what made my personalized Thank you note put a HUGE smile on my face:)


And then there’s me, embracing my new companion. . .


As always,

With love and compassion,


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