Everyone loves a trip to LUSH. I could spend hours testing their masks, body scrubs, and lotions. Then there’s watching employees plop bath bombs into bowls of H2O, instantly turning them into swirling glittery dreamscapes that I’d give anything to be able to dive right into. But in all my visits and all my trials, I’ve narrowed down my favorite Lush products to a TOP TWO, and I have to share . . .

The Best Vegan Face Mask

Between its exfoliating properties and cool refreshing feel, this aromatic slurry (AKA Lush’s Don’t Look At Me fresh facial mask) will take you from feeling like wearing a paper bag over head all day, to glowing nearly as bright as the color it comes in . . .


Because this mask is packed with such fresh ingredients, like lemon juice, murumuru butter, and organic silken tofu, it must be kept refrigerated. That’s also the reason behind it being a super hero at turning frowns upside down. It’s impossible to feel sour while, and after using this stuff because of how refreshing it feels on your skin, but I can’t say it makes you feel less blue . . .


And after the ground rice has scrubbed away dead skin, the murumuru butter’s done its moisturizing, and the lemon juice has toned and tightened, you feel like a new human.


Moving on to my other top Fav . . .

The Best Vegan Deodorant

Being Vegan, or just Health Conscious in general, makes finding a clean deodorant that actually WORKS, a big chore. Lucky for me, and for everyone I come in contact with, I have finally found one I love! It’s called T’eo and for me, it works wonders.


The microbes and bacteria, that are responsible for making our pits smelly, meet their match when they’re faced with this triple citrus deodorant bar! Tea tree, or Melaleuca alternifolia (its scientific name), is T’eo’s featured ingredient. It does most of the work, neutralizing and absorbing under those busy arms. Juniper berry, which is a wonderful toner and skin decongestant, is added along with lemongrass as reinforcements. The combination is Excellent at keeping you smelling fresh!

Applying T’eo can feel a bit strange due to it’s dry, powdery consistency. You can apply it directly to your skin, or rub it onto your finger tips and go from there. I prefer gently swiping it on . . .


Once freshly applied, there is a white, slightly chalky residue left behind . . .


but after a few minutes it begins to disappear . . .IMG_9025

Ta Daaaa! I’m huggable again! I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to those I’ve hugged After going vegan, but Before discovering this magical bar. You’re all champs and I Thank You for loving me despite my smelly pits 🙂

As always,

With love and compassion,


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