Hola chicas! I finally found a 100% Vegan makeup brand that delivers utmost quality and I need to share the wealth. As much as I believe that makeup is not needed, we all know that having the option is truly a blessing. Whether it’s an important work day and you feel like the walking dead, you just love playing/experimenting with makeup, or you want your features to pop along with an outfit you’ve proudly put together, makeup can be an awesome tool to utilize. As common as it is to wear make-up daily, we tend to forget that these products are going directly onto our skin and that whatever they consist of may even make it into our bloodstream. Finding QUALITY products like eyeliners, lip colors, blush, and eye shadows that are NATURAL and gentle on your skin can be a daunting task. After going Vegan and adding that to the check list, I wondered if I’d ever be able to wear make-up again. In the midst of my discouragement I discovered a brand that met ALL my requirements! Red Apple Lipstick came to the rescue, delivering the facts I needed to stay true to my code of ethics, all while offering their products in color pallets that anyone could fall in love with.

All of their products are 100% Vegan, Gluten free, Allergen free, Paraben free, and Cruelty free. Believe it or not, some products out there that claim to be “Vegan” still TEST on animals even though they don’t contain animal products, while others claim to be “Cruelty free” for not testing on animals but still CONTAIN animal products . . . Crazy, right? But shopping on Red Apple Lipstick‘s site is like ordering at an All Vegan restaurant. You can choose ANYTHING without having to carefully reread every detail.

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Vegan Lipstick

In the photograph above, I am wearing the lipstick color, Barcelona. I chose to blot it because I was going for a more natural, Spring inspired look, but I greatly appreciate that it actually goes on the color you see when you open it. As someone who has always struggled with chapped lips and who has a very bad habit of picking at them, this lipstick has been a game changer. Each stick is packed with enough vitamin E to heal even the driest lips . . .trust me, I know. They’re also delightfully botanical, as they contain 100% pure organic cold pressed – Helianthus Annus, aka SUNFLOWER OIL !


Vegan Eyeshadow

Now that we’ve, literally, covered the lips, let’s move on to eye makeup! Here, I used the eye shadow pallet, Buttercream.  This pallet is excellent for brightening up around the eyes, especially the inner corners. I’ve even used it as a highlighter for my cheeks and cupids bow! This off-white, shimmering eye shadow is long-lasting and will not crease in your lids! Here are some before and after shots, showing you how I applied it for full eye makeup.

eye pic


Vegan Eyeliner

To top it off, we’ve got Red Apple’s Black Eyeliner Pencil. This stuff is the cat’s pajamas. Having a real eyeliner PENCIL, brought me straight back to middle school in the best way possible. Honestly, I’ve been attempting marker, and paint brush eyeliners for almost a decade now and still don’t have that s%#@ down. This eyeliner pencil makes me feel back in control. Gliding on like vegan butter, it does the trick in a minute or less. Although this stuff stays put once it sets, meaning it won’t smudge or smear over time, it’s still SO nice to know, there is nothing in it that can damage or irritate my eyes. IMG_9758

So here you have it, the finished eye look!


I hope you make your way over to Red Apple’s site and begin your own, Harmless (for You AND Animals) makeup journey. It is incredible to feel as natural and happy with make-up ON, as I do when I am bare faced. Until next time ladies and gents,


With love and compassion,



  1. The post is an eye-opener for makeup fanatics like me. I just try out any makeup product without knowing about the ingredients used in it. These vegan makeup products are 100 percent safe as they are gluten free and allergen free.The vegan lipstick is my all time favorite which I came to know after reading the above post.

    1. Wow! That is wonderful! Reading your comment made my morning, Vidhu. I’m so grateful my writing helped you discover something that I myself was so grateful to discover only a couple years ago. A lot of marketing is very tricky. There are brands out that who really do care though, and in the makeup world RedAppleLipstick is definitely one of the best. 🙂 THANK YOU!

  2. Vegan makeup products! I am new to these products. Thanks for the informative post. It is obvious that it’s hard to find an original & natural beauty product in the market. Thanks for sharing your personal experience. I am excited to try out the red apple lipstick. I am in love with red color especially for my lips.

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