The rainforest; a tropical treasure trove, breathtaking in its lush green majesty and one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on the planet. This magical world is disappearing right before our eyes. As illegal logging becomes more prevalent in  places such as Indonesia, the rainforests there are literally being stripped null. Places that were once inhabited by so many of the world’s most beautiful creatures . . .

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now left behind completely decimated.


In the midst of this devastating reality, there are people and organizations scrambling to stop it. Although many feel they would do anything to end this destruction, it takes more than compassion to over throw these selfish acts. It takes steadfast commitment, creativity, and thinking outside the box.

Meet S A Y A Designs.


UK artist and conscious thinker, Victoria Jones, used her background in visual arts and design to formulate a plan that will help counteract the logging that is currently taking place. She has carefully constructed ten beautiful hairpin designs that will aid in replenishing the rainforest over time. Depending on the design purchased, SAYA Designs plant up to ten trees of endangered species in protected areas of Indonesia. Hand crafted by Balinese artisans out of root wood salvaged from old plantations, each hairpin plays its own unique role in this grand mission.

The Banana Leaf Hairpin in Rosewood and Teak


As if the look and feel of these beautiful pins weren’t enough, knowing that they are the catalysts for such an amazing cycle make them my favorite ethical treasures yet!

FACT: Timber is only an environmentally friendly material if it is ethically sourced.


Beginning by giving purpose to the otherwise left-to-rot root wood, then, employing local artisans whose professions in wood carving are family attributes, and lastly, planting seeds of some of the Earth’s most beautiful and endangered tree species, the S A Y A project is already making an enormous positive impact.


S A Y A hairpins are durable and meant to last. The oils produced by our hair keep the hairpins naturally polished and beaming. I like to wear mine loose fitting at home, giving my hair more slack, and tighter when I’m more active, out and about.


As far as efficiency goes, because my boyfriend is blessed with long luscious heavy locks, I proposed that he try one out. He found the comfort and security it provided 100 times better than a regular hair tie. As if the man bun isn’t glorious enough, wrappin’ all that hair up in a pin that’s saving the rainforest could make a girl weak in the knees!


There are countless ways to wear S A Y A  Designs and the promise they provide for our otherwise vanishing rainforest make them one of the most astoundingly  minimalistic, eco-friendly, conscious, sustainable, and ethical every-day lifestyle items out there.


Show Victoria and the rest of the team behind S A Y A some love by following their journey on Instagram.  Never underestimate the difference you can make by taking even the tinniest of steps. Together, we can do great things.

As always,

With love and Compassion,

– E

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