This Summer, I am committed to sharing with you handfuls of my favorite conscious brands! What better way to begin than with swimwear? With slow fashion finally making its debut, I’d like to expose one of the most original, creative artists in the biz. As someone I have known nearly my entire life, and someone I’ve always felt inspired by, it is no surprise to me that my friend Sabrina has launched her very own swimwear company. Excluding the bias of the artist behind the brand being someone I love, there are 2 important reasons you should know that she and her brand exist.

Number 1: Her line is a part of the slow fashion industry and is an excellent choice for ethical, conscious style.

Number 2: Knowing her has brought an extra whimsical spin to my life and now, through her creations, you can experience the dreaminess this gal brings into the world with everything she touches.

Without further ado, let me introduce the most unique, literally one-of-a-kind (as her pieces are made to order), swimwear lines around, Sabrina West Swimwear.

Sabrina West Swimwear

Maybe it is the fact that my Sabrina West suit was made just for me, or perhaps it is because it’s my very first reversible swimsuit, but let me tell you, I am in love. Every Sabrina West suit is made to order, specifically for the customer. This assures that “just for me” fit, as well as it reduces the carbon footprint designers create when they stock shelves with their pieces before acquiring the demand. The suit I’ve photographed is the one-piece Stella suit. It comes in many color options. Choosing between colors can be difficult but because the Stella suit is reversible you get to choose two! I chose silver and emerald green.  First, the emerald side . . .



Then there’s the silver size. Below you can see it on its own, as well as under a cover up.






Why Slow Fashion?

Have you ever asked yourself,


if not, maybe it is time to begin when shopping for new items. We all know that sweat shops exist just like we know slaughter houses exist . . . but what can we do about it? Well, living a vegan lifestyle reduces the amount of suffering for animals, but what about the human beings that are forced to work for unimaginable hours in horrible work place conditions? Being more conscious about where we shop for clothing and accessories and choosing slower fashion brands is the best way to start. By doing so, we put pressure on fast fashion brands (such as Forever21, H&M, and Zara) to up the wages of their workers and create better work environments and conditions. In the meantime choosing a brand like Sabrina West Swim for your next suit, is a great way to start!

My Wish List 

These are a few of my tops picks from Sabrina’s site, 






See anything you like? 🙂

If you’d like to support eco-friendly, sustainable, slow, fashion check this soul sister out! Shop her new collection, show her some love on Instagram, and BE SURE to fill out her  50% off birthday suit (like the real kind) offer, at the bottom of this page, Here!

You can also use my CODE: EM003 for 15% off any other day of the year!

Keep an eye out for upcoming posts that dive further into the slow, ethical fashion revolution and give you some ideas on where to shop!

As always, with Love and Compassion,

~ E






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