Welcome to The Naked Flora

A Conscious Lifestyle Blog, created to help and inspire others to live a more sustainable, ethical, and purposeful life

Hi! I’m Erica, a 28 year old, overtly compassionate being. In my experience, striving to live an ethical, conscious lifestyle, is the greatest way to shed unnecessary layers and flourish in a life of purpose. When we seek to live consciously, what really matters in our lives is revealed. Ridding ourselves and our lives of . . . well . . . the BS (that only builds up if we are not careful) creates space for our true selves to emerge.

Eating vegan and practicing consciousness in our consumption are wonderful, extremely productive ways to lead kinder lives that are actually aligned with our core values and beliefs.

Now, I open the book of me with an eagerness to share my own conscious journey. I invite you to join me here, a place where we can grow and blossom together, to do just that. My hope is to create a community vibe for all the beautiful, multifaceted flowers out there to Dream, Create, Thrive and Inspire one another while living Consciously.

Together, WE ARE, The Naked Flora

Flourishing in a Conscious Lifestyle

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