HI FRIENDS! It’s been a minute since I’ve shared a recipe. I had a lot of you ask about this meal in particular when I shared the making of it in my IG stories. I decided to write a post so you could enjoy it in YOUR home since it is so very healthy and quite easy to whip up. Let’s get you on board so you can have your own Vegan Tempeh Buddha Bowl ASAP!


Growing up we hear things like “wakey wakey, eggs and bac-y.” We are taught that bread with sugar (pancakes, waffles, or French toast with syrup) is a decent option to start our day. The truth is, breakfast really IS an important meal. It’s the meal that hopefully fuels our bodies for the day. At first, when you’re trying to eat plant based, breakfast can be the most difficult meal to find alternatives for because there are hardly any plant based options for breakfast at restaurants. When we think of breakfast we literally picture eggs and bacon with a side of french toast. Luckily, in reality, there are PLENTY of delicious, MUCH healthier options; It’s simply a matter of discovery. Here is a recipe for the tastiest, most nutritious breakfast I’ve ever had! I call this one Vegan – GF Breakfast Power Bowl


If you’re living a healthy lifestyle, most mornings are pretty breezy, but we all know that’s not the case 100% of the time. Whether you were working late, binge studying, or out having way more fun than you planned, some mornings you just feel like a manatee. Today’s recipe is a fun way to make thooose mornings, or any ordinary morning, magical again! Transforming you from feeling like a giant tub of lard, to the beautiful, long-haired, glittering aquatic goddess you truly are, let’s hear it for Mermaid Toast!


With Spring in full bloom and Summer just around the corner, it is gettin’ hot out there. Rising temperatures mean it’s time to start prepping your produce! Between weekend plans and trying to simultaneously live out your “adult life” there’s little time to cook and throwing away food over being too busy is always heart wrenching. Here to save our busy behinds are our favorite tropical fruits and chia seeds!


Ah yes, the all mystical smoothie bowl. They’re like the unicorn of meals. If you’re into health and are currently using Instagram, I’m sure you’ve come across one of those colorful bowls full of gorgeously decorated, healthy deliciousness, also known as Smoothie Bowls. Most of the time when you’re scrolling through your feed and one pops up, you’ve just gotta scroll back and take a gander at the thing. They’re so bright and happy and have so much going on that you can’t help but think, “I wish I could eat that for breakfast every day!” The thing is . . . you CAN! 🙂 Smoothie bowls are very intriguing and yes, do look pretty complicated, but I can assure you that anyone can make them. For this post I decided to break down the smoothie bowl in hopes to encourage readers to give one a try at home. I don’t mean to demystify the oh-so-magical smoothie bowl, I just think it’s important to share these fun, very healthy meal ideas with anyone and everyone who is trying to live a healthy life!  So here we go . . .


Good morning party peopleeee! Happy brand new week! For today’s Meatless Monday post, I thought, “Why not give the people what they really need on a Monday? . . .a POWER supply.”  We could turn THIS recipe into a Meatless MORNING gig, every day of the week! Especially for humans who are already on-the-go during those wee hours of the morning. So where’s this extra boost coming from, you ask? (In the lowest, most serious sounding voice possible) From These Vegan Chocolate Breakfast Balls . . .


Ciao beautiful people! Today’s Meatless Monday meal is one flavorful crowd pleaser. Let’s hear it for, Eggplant Parm! Stop me if I’m wrong but, everyone loves Italian food . . . I guess it’s safe to resume. . . Everyone loves Italian food and eggplant parmesan made Vegan with a spicy twist is sure to leave your taste buds and animals everywhere, feeling swooned.