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Hi Friends!!! SO, I posted a picture of my chickpea salad on Instagram about a week ago and quite a few people asked about the recipe! 😀 I decided to make this post for them and anyone who is interested in a healthier, tastier, animal free version of chicken salad! Just before going vegan, I discovered chicken salad, or more specifically, chicken salad on croissant. I loved the salty sweet combination and how easy it was to decide, when out to eat for lunch, on something that was decent health-wise and still had lots of flavor. After going vegan, conjuring my own version of chicken salad was a MUST. Well, below I have displayed a series of photos that will help you create it on your own at home as well as some suggestions on how to serve and share it. Hope you enjoy!   Continue reading VEGAN CHICKPEA SALAD

Top 3 Vegan Ice Creams

In  the heat of the Summer in Florida, one must never stray too far from ice cream. After going vegan, I had to hunt down some dairy-free, vegan ice cream, FAST. Upon my quest, I found that there are plenty of vegan friendly ice cream options!  However, I couldn’t help but notice that after trying every one I could get my hands on…there are three kinds that keep me coming back for more. Considering TASTE first and foremost, these are my top three picks for vegan ice creams you can find almost anywhere!

Drum roll pleeeaaase…

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