At this time of year, when it’s chilly outside and the wind. . .exists (I live in Florida) . . . it’s easy to put your creative side in a box along with all your colorful summer clothing and settle for jeans day by day. I’ve been guilty of hiding my prickly legs and un-pedicured toes with the SAME jeans for a week straight during cold months. This year, I’m committed to keepin it cool with the weather.


About a month into eating a completely vegan diet, I was feeling on top of the world. I committed to something and I was sticking with it….for once.  I gave up eating animal products, which includes CHEESE, for a whole MONTH! …If I can give up cheese. . .we can achieve world peace. Once the month had passed, and the victory dancing my way out of bed subsided, I realized that it wasn’t JUST food that made me guilty of supporting the unethical treatment of animals. Suddenly, all of my enthusiasm came to a screeching halt.