Hello again, style enthusiasts! You’ve just entered, Fancy Pants – Part 2. If you haven’t read Part 1 – Seafoam Dream, it was my most recent post before this one!

As I stated in Part 1, this series is dedicated to keeping your style cool with the weather this season by opting for FUN bottoms sometimes, rather than living in jeans. Below I present to you two outfits styled around a pair of authentic, military camo bottoms . . .


At this time of year, when it’s chilly outside and the wind. . .exists (I live in Florida) . . . it’s easy to put your creative side in a box along with all your colorful summer clothing and settle for jeans day by day. I’ve been guilty of hiding my prickly legs and un-pedicured toes with the SAME jeans for a week straight during cold months. This year, I’m committed to keepin it cool with the weather.


About a month into eating a completely vegan diet, I was feeling on top of the world. I committed to something and I was sticking with it….for once.  I gave up eating animal products, which includes CHEESE, for a whole MONTH! …If I can give up cheese. . .we can achieve world peace. Once the month had passed, and the victory dancing my way out of bed subsided, I realized that it wasn’t JUST food that made me guilty of supporting the unethical treatment of animals. Suddenly, all of my enthusiasm came to a screeching halt.

Top 3 Vegan Ice Creams

In  the heat of the Summer in Florida, one must never stray too far from ice cream. After going vegan, I had to hunt down some dairy-free, vegan ice cream, FAST. Upon my quest, I found that there are plenty of vegan friendly ice cream options!  However, I couldn’t help but notice that after trying every one I could get my hands on…there are three kinds that keep me coming back for more. Considering TASTE first and foremost, these are my top three picks for vegan ice creams you can find almost anywhere!

Drum roll pleeeaaase…