We all want to preserve the Earth’s beauty. Many of us go through life wishing we could do more for the environment without realizing how easy that can be. Some of the things we do every day are causing so much harm to the Earth’s oceans, marine life, as well as life on land. By making a handful of small changes, we can DRASTICALLY change the impact we have on the planet. We’ve all learned habits out of convenience and ignorance, but once we begin to see beyond the narrow confines of our individualistic concerns, we can learn to live more consciously for the greater good of all. Today I want share with you five simple ways to live more eco friendly. I want you to keep in mind that it is very easy to want to go out and purchase new, eco-friendly versions of things we already have. The truth is, if we HAVE items to use at the moment, the most ethical and eco friendly thing to do is use those until it is time to replace them, and THEN invest in a more sustainable choice. That may not seem as exciting at first but trust me, an old piece of tupperware you’ve had since high school may turn in to your new favorite thing if you give it a chance. Ok now let’s get to the list!