In light of Fashion Revolution Week I decided to put together a lookbook inspired by  only ethically sourced items. In case you weren’t aware, the fashion industry can be extremely cruel. From slave and child labor to animal skins and body parts, humans are basically willing to kill for fashion, even if it’s done indirectly. Obviously the most eco friendly way to dress would be to wear our birthday suits day in and day out, but we all know that wouldn’t be ethical . . . that was a joke, but seriously. The second most sustainable way to dress is to up-cycle or thrift all of our items. While that can be fun and practical most of the time, if you really need a specific item for an upcoming occasion, searching through second hand shops can be stressful. The truth is, sometimes we do need to shop and even when we don’t, dressing creatively can be a form of expression and shouldn’t be shunned. Before I get to the lookbook, let me share with you a few tips on shopping more consciously.