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Growing up we hear things like “wakey wakey, eggs and bac-y.” We are taught that bread with sugar (pancakes, waffles, or French toast with syrup) is a decent option to start our day. The truth is, breakfast really IS an important meal. It’s the meal that hopefully fuels our bodies for the day. At first, when you’re trying to eat plant based, breakfast can be the most difficult meal to find alternatives for because there are hardly any plant based options for breakfast at restaurants. When we think of breakfast we literally picture eggs and bacon with a side of french toast. Luckily, in reality, there are PLENTY of delicious, MUCH healthier options; It’s simply a matter of discovery. Here is a recipe for the tastiest, most nutritious breakfast I’ve ever had! I call this one Vegan – GF Breakfast Power BowlContinue reading VEGAN GLUTEN FREE BREAKFAST POWER BOWL