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Ah yes, the all mystical smoothie bowl. They’re like the unicorn of meals. If you’re into health and are currently using Instagram, I’m sure you’ve come across one of those colorful bowls full of gorgeously decorated, healthy deliciousness, also known as Smoothie Bowls. Most of the time when you’re scrolling through your feed and one pops up, you’ve just gotta scroll back and take a gander at the thing. They’re so bright and happy and have so much going on that you can’t help but think, “I wish I could eat that for breakfast every day!” The thing is . . . you CAN! 🙂 Smoothie bowls are very intriguing and yes, do look pretty complicated, but I can assure you that anyone can make them. For this post I decided to break down the smoothie bowl in hopes to encourage readers to give one a try at home. I don’t mean to demystify the oh-so-magical smoothie bowl, I just think it’s important to share these fun, very healthy meal ideas with anyone and everyone who is trying to live a healthy life!  So here we go . . . Continue reading SMOOTHIE BOWLS: THE ART FORM


What better time than Spring to create some colorful spring rolls? With the season just around the corner, I thought I would show you just how easy it is to create this vibrant, healthy meal. Spring rolls are one of the easiest, quickest meals you can whip up. They’re also incredibly fun to make, so having a friend with you is a good idea. Continue reading VEGAN SPRING ROLLS